Needed relief in the fire and the storm and the long summer 

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Shane & Shane – Psalm 46

Summer in Texas has been hot! But no matter the heat, I start feeling a tingle of hope come August. My portion of the state slides from summer to fall in a blink, then there’s a little wintry spring, and we’re back to summer again. We get pretty excited when a cool breeze blows. August-it’s like the blanket we kick off and September the on and off breath of air. I’m ready for some August/September.

That’s how I’ve felt about writing lately now that I’m thinking about it. I’ve slid from a long awaited finish of a novel into rewrites. Then I started a new novel-which I like so much, but then I started thinking of a shorter project (kinda like that wintry spring). I actually created an outline (not my usual style) and jumped in to the writing. At this point, it’s safe to say, I’m in the thick of writing. So, as much as I love to blog, I had to cut out more time for the novel writing and here we are with no more Friday posts.

But I wanted to drop in and encourage all of you to keep creating. No matter the storm, winds, waves, or fire, keep at it. Don’t give up. He’s with you. Keep up the bible study too. Make the time. We need more of the solid word of God in our lives.

To wrap up, this has been the song of my heart this summer. Through fire, through storm… He’s with us.

Find that place you can get on your face before a holy God. Bring him all the stuff you’ve been carrying-you’ve known the weight of it too long. Lay it at his feet and trust him. 

Praying for you and yours and your creative heart. God bless.

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