The Missed Friday Post – Brave Burden Carrriers

Some of us were meant to be warriors. And some of us were meant to be burden carriers. God entrusts us with the broken hearts, the broken lives. We’re the brave.

There’s many who wouldn’t agree with the above statement, and that’s okay. I was one of them once, but I’ve had a change of heart. Looking back, recognizing the burdens I’ve carried and understanding the need to do so, has changed me. I don’t think we’re all entrusted with this lifestyle for our entire lives, but there are those who take on this role for a very long time. Some do because someone has to. Some take on burdens out of love and devotion. Some take on burdens because they’re called to. We title those people. Social Workers. CPS. Nurses. Teachers. I bet you can think of more. Some of us fall into this role only temporarily. Spouses and parents learn to carry burdens. I have, and I’ve had to learn to lay them down too. I’ve learned when to lay them down, which may be the hardest part of carrying burdens. I’ve cried the tears of letting go, of laying down. And I’ve learned this: You’re not giving up the fight just because you lay a burden down. You’re not admitting defeat. You’re recognizing the battle is no longer yours–for whatever the reason. Good warriors learn when to lay the burden down.

So that’s my late Friday post. Due to the busy life, I skipped last Friday and didn’t plan one for yesterday. But this morning, a scribbled note on my desk caught my eye. It’s a character’s line in the Work In Progress. And that’s the book update for this post. Short and sweet.

It’s a hectic summer, no lie. We are in the heat of picking, cutting, harvesting and selling. The garden overruns. Bees in shed walls need to be cut out and brought home to hives. The honey is bottled or creamed and going to a market day sale. We are running from one task to the next, full speed ahead. The burdens in life can be blessings.

I hope your day is blessed. I hope your 4th is fun. And if you’re the burdened today, please, please, comment below. Give as much or little detail as you feel is needed. Give me and other readers the privilege of praying with you. I’ve been and am a burden carrier too. The load is always lighter when shared.

More next time.

God Bless.

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