Living out the call in writing

File_000 (1)What am I called to do? How do I live out the call in my writing? These were my questions following some early morning verse mapping, but honestly, these questions have been the steady drum beat for the last couple of years. I hear them as I tap the keys and watch the flow of words cross the screen.

In 1 Thessalonians 1 and 2, Paul lays out the ground work for the Thessalonians to follow. He describes his endeavors to lead by example. He describes his leadership as that of a father. And as I read Matthew Henry’s commentary on verse twelve, the drumbeat of calling once again taps out its steady rhythm in my mind.

1 Thessalonians 2:12 (NASB) “…so that you would walk in a manner worthy of the God who calls you into His own kingdom and glory.”

(MHC) “1.What is our great gospel privilege–that God has called us to his kingdom and glory. The gospel calls us into the kingdom and state of grace here and unto the kingdom and state of glory hereafter, to Heaven and happiness as our end and to holiness as the way to that end.

2. What is our great gospel duty–that we walk worthy of God, that the temper of our minds and tenour of our lives be answerable to this call and suitable to this privilege. We should accommodate ourselves to the intention and design of the gospel, and live suitably to our profession and privileges, our hopes and expectations, as becomes those who are called with such a high and holy calling.”

Where are you in your writing journey? And if you’re passing by this page, but writing isn’t your calling, where are you in whatever it is that compels you to dream of making a difference, changing lives, and leaving a legacy?

This is the Tuesday after a Memorial weekend, and I spent four days in work and play mode. I worked the ten hour days for the privilege last week and will again this week, but the days with family were worth the effort. We spent Saturday at a bee festival, Sunday with the daughters-in-law working to save the bees, and Monday having lunch, coffee, and laughter with one of our boys, his sweet wife, and her family. And throughout the days, I thought about Paul and his example and the calling to live in a way that becomes those who are called with such a high and holy calling. What a privilege. What a journey.

So, this Tuesday morning, my encouragement to you is to lead by example and live a life worthy of your calling.

Have a blessed day, and go write something!

God bless.File_000 (2)

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