The Friday Post – Stories, Weekends, and Ending Well

“It is dangerous to leave written that which is badly written. A chance word, upon paper, while the power is still yours, I say to myself, for all that is put down, once it escapes, may rot its way into a thousand minds, the corn become a black smut, and all libraries, of necessity, be burned to the ground as a consequence.” William Carlos William, “Paterson”

I like stories of redemption, reading them and writing them. I’m drawn to stories with a past. I tend to want more when a story is over. If the story ends well, I want to know more of their happy life. If the story is sad, I want a book two where things work out in the end. I like happy endings. At the very least, I like an ending where everyone moves forward.

I think this is one of the things I like about Christianity. There’s always more, there are lots of happy endings, or at the very least, those involved often move forward. People who come to Christ have layers and baggage and stories. Since Christ comes to us in our sin, we come to him with all we are–something like the old “Come as You Are” party. And we do celebrate this reunion with Christ, but then the walk becomes daily. We take up his cross daily even as we learn to lay down our lives daily. Sometimes, the laying down part is more letting go. We let go of the things that hinder, the past we carried too far and too long. We learn to take up his load, because his burden is light and he walks alongside us, carrying the load side by side.

As I write a story, my mind continually goes back and forth between the words on the page and the words in my mind. I’m trying to write one thing, but sometimes the words don’t come out the way I want. There’s a continual thought process of trying to write words that draw the reader in, and in the end, point the reader toward Christ. I’m a Christian who writes, and I’m a Christian who longs to witness through writing. New writer here, still learning to write, and not yet well written.

It’s a Friday, but mine doesn’t signal the end of a week. Fridays around here tend to signal the beginning of busy weekends where we push, shove, and pull as much as possible into just two days. Weekends remind me of writing books. As writers, we tend to push and shape and struggle to fit a plethora of ideas in between two hard covers and then, pray the message comes out as intended.

I’m starting fresh this morning and already praying for help to let go. I’ve worked hard this week to control everything, and I haven’t done such a great job. So, fresh start this morning. Starting the day with a little writing before the work day. Praying you and yours have a blessed Mother’s Day weekend.

Go write something!

God bless.

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