The Friday Post – #1 – Writing, crazy chicken stories, and Fridays

Friday is spelled R-e-l-i-e-f. Don’t check your dictionary. Instead, smile. Sit back. Surf the blog pages.

This end of the work week, I’m doing my best to start a new habit: The Friday Post. Thus the title, post number one. Let’s chat about God, writing, life, and whatever else comes to mind.

On the wall over my writing desk, I have a quote. Okay, I have several, but I have a favorite. This one says “Write in a way that comes naturally. Revise and rewrite. Do not explain too much. Be clear.” E. B. White

Oh, the struggle. I read this quote at least once every morning. But to apply these words, I break out the backspace key countless times.

I start the day sometimes well before clear eyed-thirty. I drink the first cup, read my Bible – my preferences: The Application Study Bible (NIV) and The Message Bible. Some mornings, I either do verse mapping or work through a study guide assignment – right now it’s the study guide “Proven” by Jennie Allen. Every morning, I finish Bible study and workbook assignments with prayer. These are the habits I’ve formed over time. They’ve taken discipline and determination, but they work for me. Thirty minutes to an hour later, I open the laptop and pray again. Writing takes words, and the words come, but they don’t always fit the criteria of Mr. E. B. White’s words. And so, I pray.

By the time I get all the words in a row, shaped and fashioned in a way that I think works well, the clock says to close the laptop and start the real work day. There is never enough writing time, but I’m a working girl, so I answer to the clock.

And long before the perfect words fell on the page this day, or the clock read work-thirty, I made time to feed and water the chickens.

Yes, I said chickens. See, two weeks ago, I had this notion that I needed chickens. (Because my life isn’t crazy enough!) Of course, I’ve wanted them for four years, but that particular day, the husband and I had started a “workation” and since we were planting the garden, buying chickens made sense. I can’t explain the reasoning. It’s best not to ask.

Problem number one: We only had one more week to buy chickens. I didn’t know a chicken season existed. Don’t they hatch year round? Apparently not for buyers. Problem number two: No chicken house. However, the husband is a good builder of chicken houses. Problem number three: We are the two busiest people that I know. There seems to be no solution for problem number three.

Crazy chicken story short: The baby chickens are in the spare bathroom. The chicken house is almost finished. The people house smells like chickens. It’s not a good smell.

I am beyond thankful for Friday. The weekend ahead involves making a wedding cake, which we have done once before. The decorating? Never. Prayers appreciated. Then, we can get back to the chickens and the writing and the busy life.

I hope your Friday is blessed. I hope you’re writing your best. Enjoy the weekend! See you next Friday (hopefully!)

God bless.




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