Am Writing…

IMG_0445Good morning! My goodness! I’ve been away so long, I thought about shutting down this blog. I’m sorry!! It’s true. Writing is challenging, and I have enough challenges. At least, I thought I did. The truth has hit me recently.

Life is challenging. Writing is just writing. Writing is whatever I make of writing.

I’m not sure I’m a gifted writer, though I hope to be. I’m not sure I have a future in writing, though I hope to. What I do have right now? A gift. Writing is a gift. Know what I mean?

I write through hard things- on my other, more personal, far more messy site- Technically, I mull, then I journal. Not all writing is good or worth sharing, but still, it’s cathartic to do both. Writing, for me, can be like paint slashed across a canvas. I guess my other site is kind of like my personal museum!

So… enough of the above. What am I working on in my novel endeavors?

A new book on craft. A phenomenal book on craft. Let me preface: Not every book on craft is for every writer, but most books on craft have something to offer every writer. I’ve read a few, started a few, thrown a few across the room… not my better moments. But I’m still in the game.

I’ve been challenged, discouraged, frustrated, excited, happy, mad, tearful. The gamut of emotions.

But this writing thing just keeps pulling at me.

So, I’m proud to say, I am writing. Well, actually, I’m learning to write. Yes, still. But in a new way.

I’m currently working through, “How to Write a Brilliant Novel” by Susan May Warren, the founder and head coach of My Book Therapy. I ordered the book thinking I would see whether I like this particular style of learning. I’d like to become a student of a good writing class, but before I invest the time and money, I do my “research”. In other words, I create an “out” in case this turns out to be another book for my collection. So, let me try to put this into words… it’s staggering how much I’m learning from this book.

Honestly, I have had writing insecurities. Still do. I’ve picked up and put down the writing so many times in the past ten years, I doubt myself. I pray to write, “The End”, not because I’ve given up, but because the book is finished.

In my last post, I wrote about the puzzle pieces not quite fitting together. They’re starting to fall into place smoothly, clearly, timely, and all the other -ly words good writers don’t use! In my next post, I’ll tell you about the progress toward that end (no pun intended). Thankfully, there really is good progress.

I’m excited to be back. I hope your writing journey is moving along. Please, share how it’s going! Who, or what do you turn to when the puzzle pieces don’t fit?

Keep writing. We’re still in this!

(And if you’ve struggled with my punctuation through this- I have too! Feel free to comment your corrections. I’ll smile, cry, and correct. In the end, I’ll thank you. We are ever-learning. Maybe Ms. Warren could write a book on punctuation?!?)

God bless!


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